6-Week UX Package

From Idea to Prototype

Our UX package is ideal for turning idea in your head into potential product concepts that lead to a tangible journey that you can validate with actual customers.

UX Service

Suitable for:

  • Turning concepts into a prototype to validate potential function and design
  • Sheding light on your critical business assumptions
  • Defining core functionality from a user-first perspective
  • Enhancing your product team with a clear image of your users
  • Identifying your product’s pitfalls and ideate ways to improve its usability

Price & Details:

450,000 THB (VAT Included)

  • 6 weeks duration
  • 3 UX Designers
  • 2.5 team days per week
  • Up to 15 Users Tested

Work Process:

Discovery - 4 weeks

  • Empathize with users
  • Create concept prototype
  • Validate prototype with users
  • Analzye findings

Design - 2 weeks

  • Layout structure and content
  • Create new concept design
  • Validate & refine idea with users

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