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When users’ wants, needs, and expectations from a product are clear, we begin the design phase. At its core, our design process helps take your concepts and turn them into wireframe and UI screens that you can be confident about before development. During this process, we work on various activities, from creating information architecture (IA) to the actual UI design, as well as creating UI prototypes to test with actual users.

Although a discovery phase is advised, we have jumped directly to the design phase on some projects where our client are clear about their solution and who their users are.


How dose it work?

Design Process

Get the Structure Right

Create site structure, wireframe of new concept.

Design Process

Define Visual & Interaction

Define mood & tone and interaction for critical moment.

Design Process

Design User Interface (UI)

Design user interface and create screen flow.

Discovery Process

Create Design Guideline

esign UI screens and prepare design asset for developer.

Key Methods



A simplified outline of your product showing structure and content



Help test the flow of a design solution and gather feedback on it

UI Design

UI Design

Concerned with the visual and overall feel of your product

Style Guide

Style Guide

A holistic set of design standards and interactions to ensure consistency

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